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The Benefits of a UV Light Sterilizer

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Ultraviolet light or UV light has gained attention over the years as a disinfectant and UV Light Sterilizer. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to disinfect and sanitize has become more important than before. The outbreak of the corona virus has resulted in people realizing the need to stay safe and protect themselves.

As people searched for ways to stay safe and protect themselves from the virus, the effectiveness of UV light sanitizers in protecting people from getting infected by coronavirus came into light. For years, scientists are already aware of the disinfection ability of germicidal UV or UV-C.  It has helped eradicate the spread of numerous pathogens such as the flu and the superbug.

UV-C touts a pathogen kill rate of more than 99.9%. For this reason, they have been used in several establishments such as hospitals, medical labs, senior care centers, fire and police stations, airports, and others. Nowadays, we see UV-powered robots disinfecting and sanitizing hospital rooms.

According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, there are now more than 50 companies that manufacture some kind of ultraviolet technology disinfection machines. Over the years, there has been an increase in the number of health care associated infections, most of which happened during a patient’s stay at a heath care facility.

In addition, the healthcare industry spent billions of dollars just in treating infections often attributed to poorly sanitized facilities and equipment. To limit these infections, hospitals have now invested on UV disinfection.

Why Use an UV Light Sterilizer?

UVC light sanitizers were discovered in 1879.  These are used for cleaning infectious spaces such as water and work surfaces. UVC has a shorter wavelength than visible light. It can penetrate and destroy the bodies of viruses and bacteria.

It is work noting that not all UV is germicidal efficient. UVC has the ability to deactivate bacteria and viruses by disrupting and blowing their cell wall apart. Several studies exist on the effectiveness of UV light against microbes and HAIs.

Recently, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has conducted a multi-site randomized clinical trial. The study revealed that combining manual cleaning and measured-dose UV light results to a 30-plus percent reduction of infections of patients who stayed in rooms previously occupied by infected patients.

Difference Between Germicidal UV and UV Energy

Germicidal UV or UV-C is a particular spectrum of ultraviolet light. UV energy, on the other hand, is naturally occurring from sunlight or can be generated artificially in light fixtures and bulbs. The wavelengths of UV light fall just outside the visible light spectrum.

Will UVC Kill COVID-19? 

While UV-A and UV-B can also kill some bacteria and germs, they are ineffective against a virus like COVID-19. Germicidal UV lights are capable of changing the DNA and RNA of bacteria and viruses thus destroying their ability to replicate themselves.

According to the Illuminating Engineering Society, UV-C is most effective at disinfection. As mentioned, germicidal UV-C has helped stop the spread of numerous pathogens like flu. The question is: Will it curb the spread of coronavirus?

Scientists from Columbia University revealed that preliminary tests have shown that UV-C can help deactivate COVID-19. Dr. David Benner performed tests on secure samples of SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19. Compared to other viruses, the structure of COVID-19 is different from past viruses. For this reason, testing is extremely important.

How do we use UV Lights?

A UV Light Sterilizer can also be used for other kinds of disinfection. In hospitals, for example, UV can disinfect the air in isolated spaces. Lamps and lights at the top of rooms can disinfect the air as it moves. This will not only improve air quality but also makes sanitation effective.

In work spaces, UV light sanitizers can be an effective solution for cleaning equipment and instruments. It also eliminates the element of human error associated with manual cleaning solutions. UV lights can be effective for multiple disinfection situations.

The Dangers of UV-C

While UV light sanitizers are effective in killing germs found on mobile phones as well as electronic products, sheets, and towels, it is not a “silver bullet” for disinfection. We often wash our hands but immediately touch our phones or tablets, which is one of the filthiest things we can ever touch. This undermines hand hygiene.

We don’t recommend using Light sanitizers for sanitizing the human body. Similar to overexposure to the sun, this can cause side effects such as burns or skin irritation. UV-C can damage our eyelids and the skin around the eyes. Consistent exposure to UV-C may cause our eye lens to become cloudy resulting to premature cataract.

What Are The Benefits of UV-C? 

While some businesses still have doubts using it, UV light sanitizers have some benefits you might want to consider:

1. UV light sanitizers are non-toxic

Some cleaning and sanitation products have harsh chemicals. UV light, on the other hand, is environment friendly. This is because UV lights is a physical process and not a chemical one. Light sanitizers are safe on food and non-food items. It can be harmful on human beings but proper protection makes light sanitizers safe and non-toxic.

2. It is effective for disinfection

As a disinfection solution, UV light is far more effective than other methods. It can kill a wide array of organisms. For example, UV light sanitizers can kill molds and spores while others cannot. Other solutions may leave a damp environment where fungi can thrive.

3. It kills pathogens without immunity

Nowadays, there are antibiotic-resistant bacteria which has created huge problems in the medical community. Such problem does not exist with a UV Light Sterilizer. This is one advantage for hospitals and assisted living facilities.

4. It doesn’t have to be portable

UV light sanitizers can stay in a facility or business establishment. UV disinfection technology allows you to configure the unit depending on your preference. You can set it to do a cycle or whenever a room is unoccupied.

5. UV light sanitizers is affordable

The common misconception about light sanitizers is that it can be costly. This is not true at all. When you invest on UV light sanitizers, you get your money’s worth as it will keep you and everyone protected from getting infected.

6. Light sanitizers is safe

UV light sanitizers can have risks such as sunburn if used incorrectly. However, when used properly, light sanitizers can be extremely safe. Most systems can be set to be activated only when the room is unoccupied. Also, it does not have the harsh chemicals found in cleaning products.

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