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Can You Use UV Light Wands In Hotel Rooms?

UV Light Sanitiser Kit

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, the hospitality industry has added new cleaning recommendations and has established a 72-hour buffer interval between stays. UV Light cleaning For Hotel Rooms is becoming more common. However, 4.9 million cases of coronavirus are still being reported worldwide. People still have the illusion that they live in a stranger’s home.

Perhaps that is why you see advertising products with ultraviolet lamps, like light disinfection wand, on the Internet that promise to destroy viruses and bacteria. But how effective are they?

Basic knowledge: UVA and UVB and UVC

Unlike UVA and UVB, UVC is completely absorbed by the atmosphere. While UVC is different from UVA and UVB, UVC is completely absorbed by the atmosphere.

Andrea Armani, a professor of chemical engineering and materials science at the University of Southern California, explained that there are several types of ultraviolet light.

Ultraviolet or ultraviolet radiation comes from the sun. But you can’t see it as visible light. Or feel the heat as infrared radiation.

There are also subtle differences between ultraviolet rays. UVA, UVB and UVC represent different wavelengths of UV radiation. Armani said most of us are already familiar with UA longwave beams and UVB midwave lamps, so we bask in the sun and burn ourselves.

Unlike UA and UVB rays, which reach the Earth’s surface from the sun, UVC rays are completely absorbed by our atmosphere.

Can UV rays kill COVID-19?

Longwave UVA and midwave UVB rays can harm the virus. But this is a slow process.

“The rate of thermal instability is much lower. They happened, but it will take longer, ”said Armani. “UVC is a chemical rearrangement, so it can be done quickly.”

Armani explained that ultraviolet rays specifically destroy the basic structure of DNA and RNA. There is no research on how UVC specifically targets COVID-19. But previous studies have shown that it can fight other coronaviruses.

Armani said: “Scientists are confident that it will fight COVID-19, because it has a fairly similar RNA structure.”

UV Light cleaning in Hotel Rooms

Thanks to the latest advancements, UV-C LED technology is now available in its most powerful form and you can use 6.5mm wide equipment to create concentrated disinfection capabilities. UV-C LEDs can also be battery operated and can be integrated into mobile platforms, such as white LEDs in camera flashes. This turns your mobile phone into a portable light disinfection device, which can be disinfected as needed and on the go.

Using the modern touch and visual capabilities of smartphones, consumers can measure and calculate the regional dose of ultraviolet radiation and achieve a disinfection effect of up to 99.9999% in high-risk areas (such as door handles, remote controls and dishes ) in 10 seconds. Due to their short wavelength and high-power density, UV LEDs can quickly inactivate the DNA of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, thereby preventing disease.

Did you know that the use of UV light to disinfect hotel rooms and other commercial premises can help ensure the safety of guests and maintain their reputation? It is real. Here are five amazing ways to use ultraviolet light that you may not be familiar with.

 1: TV and phone remote control

As we all know, consoles and phones in hotel rooms are full of bacteria. Rubbing with a disinfectant can kill some of the bacteria and germs they contain, but it won’t destroy them all.

According to a University of Houston study, TV remote controls and light switches are hot spots for bacterial activity in hotel rooms. Visitors don’t think about how to touch these appliances, so they expose themselves to dangerous hazards.

If you want to use ultraviolet radiation to demonstrate investment in new technologies, consider placing remote controls, phones, and other small items that guests have touched (such as alarms) in the direct path of ultraviolet radiation. With UV Light hotel room disinfection, the bacteria are killed by any light. The next guest can be sure that turning on the TV or making calls will not be expose harmful bacteria.

2: Cooking area

Preserving the kitchen, pantry and storage space for bacteria-free products is an endless battle. In fact, even the strictest cleaning methods like soap, water, and bleach will leave harmful bacteria behind.

One of the most revolutionary uses of UV light is to clean kitchens and cooking areas. Knives, cutting boards, sinks, shelves and kitchen utensils can be sterilized with UV technology. In fact, cleaning the kitchen or dining room with ultraviolet light means that you don’t have to worry about insufficient cleaning or guest illness, because bacteria cannot withstand UV rays, like chemical cleaners.

3: Pillows and blankets

Guests expect that sheets, pillowcases and towels are washed regularly with hot water. However, the hotel makes no sense washing pillows and blankets every time guests leave. Therefore, even if the sheets have been recently washed, the guest bed often contains dangerous bacteria.

Some companies use UV sticks and portable light disinfection, but using them is also risky. If the user doesn’t put the wand close enough to the surface, it can end up leaving the pests alive. That is why there is a focus on creating ultraviolet technology that is designed to operate autonomously. This can reduce the risk of human loss caused by human error.

Finally, guests are encouraged to use UV technology to clean their room so they can relax.

4: Gym

Research has shown that exercise equipment can contain more than 1,000,000 bacteria per square inch, which will surprise you. Almost all hotels have a guest gym, but if guests get sick from using your equipment, they won’t appreciate it.

Also, the unpleasant smell in many gyms is not caused by sweat, but by the actual growth of bacteria. Using ultraviolet light to disinfect the room can prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

5: Take advantage of higher premiums

You may want to switch to ultraviolet technology to disinfect your business, which may be more expensive than you are currently spending. However, the opposite is true. Hotel companies spend a lot of money on sanitary napkins and other hygiene products. Research and actual plans with hotels like Best Western and MGM Grand have shown that adding other disinfection procedures and / or health functions to your room can increase guest satisfaction, accommodation and / or higher insurance premiums.

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