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How Mainstream Are UV Sanitisers?

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You’ll read something in the news or hear something on the radio about UV sanitisers and speculatively take a search on line. You’ll invariably head straight to a well known online retailer who share their name with a South American river and hey presto pages, upon pages, upon pages of uv sanitisers from hand held wands to industrial sized (and priced!) clean a whole warehouse type equipment.

Then you randomly click on something, anything, read the description, it all looks great. You’ll click something else either more or less priced than your first click, same basic ethos and info directed into your headspace. Now you could do this all day, but there is something niggling in the back of your mind “who are all these companies that make these things?”

When new consumer tech comes along, there is always a bit of an unknown, is it safe? is it reliable? are there any product reviews? One of the major influencers is whether or not this new tech is made by a global giant. There is a sense of provenance if the tech in question is pushed by a global brand.

Well, this is where this blog picks up this mantle, Samsung have entered the market. Yes the same Samsung that make the very popular mobile phone, the same Samsung that is a world leader in home entertainment equipment, TV’s & surround sound systems. The same Samsung where if you look deep enough could find their microchips in many many of their close competitors electronic equipment. These tech giants have come to the playing field so to speak with their table top phone/small item UV sanitiser. Their kit also charges your phone whilst sterilising it.

But this is significant for the at home UV sterilisation equipment industry, Samsung will have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions in developing, designing, testing & marketing their product. They would not do that just to jump on the band wagon of a new fad. Putting aside the money they have pumped into this, they promote their brand as being top of the class, industry leading, quality in both reliability and workmanship.

It won’t be long before others global tech manufacturers actively follow suit. Just like the car industry thought the SUV concept would never catch on, you’ll be hard pushed to find many manufacturers that don’t have at least 1 or 2 in their range.

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